Sharing Notice

22 January 2020

We love it when you guys share our content. It tells us you like it so much that you feel your friends and family should also see it. Your shares have been a big encouragement to us, and it played an important role in growing our community – thank you!

Lately we noticed some of our content was downloaded and reused. Some even added their own captions and translations – basically things we neither wrote nor endorse.

Please do not do this.

When our content gets downloaded and used anywhere, it does not count as crediting us even if we are mentioned or tagged.

Using our content as your own misleads people into believing The Simple Sum supports your intent, and our intention gets lost in translation when you add anything to it.

We work hard to ensure people get the right information and improve financial literacy. Our content is currently produced with specific intentions for people living in Singapore.

Here’s how you can continue supporting us, like many in our community do:

  • Share our Facebook post to your feed
  • Share our Instagram post to your story
  • Use any of the social sharing buttons on our website
  • Tag someone our comments section

More details on our intellectual property rights and restriction of use in our terms of service.